If you have been considering braces or Invisalign now is the time to come in for a FREE consultation! Dr. Youssef is hosting an exclusive Invisalign open house that is available to new and existing patients. We are happy to offer the lowest prices ever offered with 0% Financing Available with Care Credit.

We asked our newest Invisalign patient to write a post to share her experience. This is what she had to say!

So today I took the leap! I decided to proceed with Invisalign with Dr. Youssef for many reasons. Highest on that list are affordability and her raving reviews from her patients. I booked my free consultation. She took 12 photos and she was able to specify what type of case I was. We discussed cost and insurance benefits (my insurance covered a portion)! Dr. Youssef took my impressions and in a matter of 14 days I will get my first set of retainers! Beyond excited to have my teeth straightened and feel better about my smile. Dr. Youssef and her staff are hands down the best!