4 Things You Should Know About Invisalign®

4 Things You Should Know About Invisalign®

4 Things You Should Know About Invisalign®_webAre you considering Invisalign, but still have a lot of questions? You will want to make sure you’re making the right choice for your lifestyle, if you’re going to be investing in your beautiful smile! This post will guide you through some of the benefits to Invisalign, to help you make the best decision.

If you haven’t heard of Invisalign yet, it is a way to improve your smile and oral health through virtually invisible aligners, unlike traditional braces. Invisalign aligner trays are smooth, comfortable and very effective. If you want to dive deeper into Invisalign benefits, keep reading!

  1. Practically Invisible. Traditional braces are effective, but they are visible. If you are worried about that, Invisalign makes it easy to inconspicuously straighten your smile! The aligners are clear and smooth, mimicking your natural smile.
  2. Removable. You should keep your aligners in for the majority of the day, but you are able to remove the aligners for eating, flossing and brushing. With traditional braces, comes a list of foods you have to give up. Since Invisalign Aligners can be removed, you can still eat your favorite taffy taffy or caramel apples!
  3. Easy to Clean. Since the aligners are removable, they are easy to clean. Not only is it easy to clean your aligners, but it also becomes easier to clean your teeth. Flossing and brushing become a whole lot easier.
  4. More Comfortable. Possibly the best benefit is the comfort level. No more wires poking at your cheeks and gums. No more painful adjustments. Invisalign aligners are smooth and once in your mouth, you won’t be feeling around at all the parts that stick out, because it will feel just like your teeth. The movement is more gradual than conventional braces, meaning less soreness and pain!

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