Change of Season Teeth cleanings

Summer is always a time for activity, fun, and freedom! Now that Summer is officially over, school has started, and routine sets in again, it is time to take a trip to the dentist and let us do the work!

It is important to have your teeth cleaned professionally because you can’t always do a deep clean in those hard to reach places at home. We had a recent patient come in due to painful gums that bled every time she brushed her teeth. It turns out that she had skipped her dental visits for the past couple years, leaving her with red, swollen, and infected gums. Our hygienist did an amazing job with a deep cleaning, and now all of our patient’s symptoms have dissipated. Check out our facebook page to see for yourself her before and after photos .

Leave feeling fresh and ready to change someone’s day with your new smile! Contact us at 910-497-2969. Or fill out our simple Appointment Request form.

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