Getting to know Dr. Magi Youssef

Going to the dentist should be something you look forward to. Unfortunately, a lot of people actually dread going to the dentist, for all sorts of reasons. Dr. Magi Youssef understands patients’ fear and aims to create the most comfortable, family-like atmosphere for her patients. Her mission is to provide the best, most personalized, and most comfortable dental care to the patients who have entrusted her with their oral health. To make this possible, Magi takes it upon herself to be personally involved with every patient and knows every single person, by name.

Dr. Magi Youssef grew up in Cumberland County and absolutely loves serving her own community. Treating her patients like family comes naturally to her, since she has always held her community dear to her heart. The same family-oriented service is provided by the whole office team. Coming in to Southern Family Dental, you will be greeted with a warm and welcome smile. You will easily be able to tell that everyone on the team truly loves their jobs.

Something that sets Southern Family Dental apart from other clinics is their “person first, patient second” approach. This approach offers comfort to their patients and creates a positive experience for everyone by actually getting to to know you and treat you as an individual. You will not be treated as a cog in the machine of impersonal, corporate dentistry, but as a close friend or family member because the odds are good that you are one!

Speaking of family treatment, Southern Family Dental treats everyone from age 1 and up, which means your entire family can receive treatment at one convenient location.

Dr. Youssef serves her community, as well as the Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic in Fayetteville. She is ready to serve you, too!

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