Don’t Dodge Dental Fears

Don’t Dodge Dental FearsSometimes, when you are afraid of something, it’s best to just stay away. Dogs, spiders, heights—you could probably avoid the things that make you feel uneasy for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, there are some fears that must be faced, especially when your health is at stake. The good news is that, once you find a dentist in Spring Lake who makes you feel comfortable, you’ll be able to reduce your anxieties to a manageable level.

You can take an active role in subduing your dental anxieties by implementing the following tips:

  • Be vocal. Let the dentist and the staff know how you feel, what makes you anxious, and the previous dental experiences that have influenced you. This will provide the dental team with some insight about your feelings and your tolerance level.
  • Establish a signal. Before your treatment begins, establish a signal that you can use to tell the dentist that you are feeling uncomfortable or in need of a break. Something as simple as raising your left hand can give you some control over your experience and help the dentist to understand what you need.
  • Ask questions. The dental team is more than happy to explain your treatment, the steps of the procedure, the materials used, and answer any follow-up questions that you may ask. Staying informed can help to eliminate the mystery and uncertainty about your visit.
  • Focus on breathing. Practice deep breathing before and during your appointment to relax your muscles and get in tune with your body. Inhaling and exhaling very slowly can help to relax your entire body and eliminate tension.
  • Get distracted. You can take your mind off of your appointment by listening to music with earbuds, bringing a squishy stress ball, or meditating. Most dental offices even offer television, aromatherapy, and other spa-like amenities to distract and relax.

Your dental fears aren’t weird or odd, and the dentist fully understands that dental phobias are real. Overcoming these feelings so that you can enjoy the best possible dental experience can be accomplished, but the first step is calling to schedule an appointment. To get started, contact a dentist in Spring Lake today.

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