6 Important Questions for the Family Dentist

Dental questions dentist Spring LakeThe family dentist is the perfect teacher when it comes to learning how to care for your young family member’s teeth. In Spring Lake, dentists are more than happy to talk to you about your child’s oral health and development. During your next family dental appointment, get the answers that you need by asking the following six questions:

  1. Are their teeth and jaws developing properly? If the dentist sees signs of developmental abnormalities or challenges, they may be able to intervene with early orthodontic care.
  2. Do they need to floss more? Ask the dentist to point out any clues that your child may not be flossing enough.
  3. Can sealants help to prevent cavities? Sealants are often recommended for children around the age of 6 and again around age 12. Ask if your child is a candidate for this easy procedure.
  4. Am I doing enough to prevent baby bottle tooth decay? Babies are vulnerable to cavities, thanks to the natural sugars that are found in milk. Ask the dentist about the best ways to prevent this troubling problem.
  5. Is there anything that I need to discuss with my child’s pediatrician? If a dental problem is signaling an underlying pediatric health problem, your dentist will want to bring this to your pediatrician’s attention.
  6. Do you have any ideas for getting my child to be a better brusher and flosser? Let’s face it. Sometimes our children are more likely to listen to the dentist and hygienist before they’ll listen to us. Ask the dental staff for advice on improving your child’s homecare.

Also, don’t forget to bring these issues to the dentist’s attention:

  • Pain in your child’s mouth, teeth, or jaw
  • Strange or unpleasant breath
  • Tender or bleeding gums
  • Dry mouth
  • Speech problems
  • Thumb-sucking or extended use of the pacifier

For a more informative on family dental care, contact a Spring Lake dentist today.

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