Fast Facts about Dental X-rays

dental x-rays dentist Spring LakeIf you have ever called a Spring Lakes dental office in hopes of scheduling a basic teeth cleaning, you might have been informed that the dentist is hesitant to do a cleaning without dental x-rays. If you are a new patient or have not had dental x-rays within the past year, then these digital images are considered to be a very important part of your appointment.

Why do we need x-rays? What if nothing is bothering us? What if we just want a cleaning?

These are all questions that are very common amongst dental patients, and it’s important to the dentist that you understand the answers. Here’s what you need to know about dental x-rays:

  • Dental x-rays are often the only way that the dentist can detect cavities, erupting teeth, gum disease, and evaluate the health of the jaw.
  • X-rays provide us with the earliest glimpse of a growing dental problem– often times before the problem causes any pain– so that we can take care of it before it gets any worse.
  • Without dental x-rays to reveal the health of the bone tissue around each tooth, it is impossible for the dentist to ensure that you have received an adequate cleaning and that no underlying issues have been overlooked.
  • Safety. The radiation exposure from digital dental x-rays is less than 2-3 mrem. That’s in comparison to the 360 mrem that the average person in the US receives from the environment each year!
  • Frequency. The average child and adult should get dental x-rays once each year, and a full x-ray series about every 3-5 years.
  • Accessibility and education. Your digital x-rays are available to be viewed on the computer monitor almost immediately after they are taken. These images can be used in the treatment room to aid the dentist in explaining your dental condition or any recommended treatment.

For more information on dental x-rays and your oral health, contact a dentist in Spring Lakes today.

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